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The association organises its actions within a partnership and annual work programme, divided into 4 statutory missions:


Mission 1: Fundamentals of sustainable and resilient territories

To bring together the State, local authorities, private companies, and experts in a single group for reflection and action, to disseminate the best tools and operational solutions to accelerate the ecological, social, and economic transition of territories. 

  • Writing a manifesto for sustainable and resilient cities which redefines the fundamentals and specificities of the Franco-European approach and will constitute the logical framework for the association’s positioning and intervention. 🎬 Watch the fundamentals of the sustainable city. 
  •  Pursuing the work of developing a shared grid for prioritising projects at the territorial level, with regard to the four pillars of the manifesto: Sobriety, Inclusion, Resilience and Creativity.

Sustainable City by France's missions

  • Creating a training cycle reserved for members around the causes and consequences of the Anthropocene, the fundamentals of sustainable cities and territories promoted by SCbF, the tools, methods and examples of achievements that allow orienting the strategies of organisations and territories in these directions (based especially on the contributions of the members of the association).
  • Organising in 2022 the 2nd edition of Sustainable Cities in Action: annual reference event, with the support of the Scientific Committee, in order to mobilise the stakeholders of sustainable territories around the dynamics initiated on the whole national territory. 🎬 Replay edition 2021.
  • Continuing the working groups set up in 2021 and creating 2 new ones on taxation, accounting, budget preparation and evaluation and logistics and supply decarbonisation and resilience in cities and territories.
  • Active participation of SCbF in different working groups and public and private, national and international bodies, to widely disseminate the objectives pursued by the association in its manifesto.
The 4 pillars of the Sustainable City by France manifesto

Mission 2: Regionalising the work of Sustainable City by France

To raise awareness among local executives and general management of the fundamentals of sustainable territories, and to inspire territorial projects by sharing expertise and experience.

  • Deploying territorial workshops for local authority executives, management committees and project teams. Updating the fundamentals of the sustainable city and mobilising the network and expertise of France Sustainable City. 🎬View the Sustainable Cities in Action replay.
  • “Small Towns of Tomorrow”: a privileged partnership with ANCT (National Agency for Territorial Cohesion): In this framework, the association carried out a training course for all the elected officials and project managers of the 1,600 municipalities involved in the approach, with the expertise of PUCA (Urban Planning Construction Architecture), VAL’HOR (Jean-Marc Bouillon) and the CNOA (National Council of Architects’ Order). 🎬 Watch the replay.

  • Identifying the brakes and drivers for the carbon transition of territories at scale (Horizon Europe Programme). In support of MESRI, CGDD and ANCT and in collaboration with associations of elected officials, (100 climate neutral cities in 2030 mission) SCbF participates in the Miroir France group for the Driving Urban Transitions (DUT) partnership in order to disseminate information on European calls for projects and encourage the mobilisation of French local authorities and professionals. 🎬Replays available on the Pin Ville website.
Shooting of the "Small Towns of Tomorrow" training, a partnership with ANCT

Mission 3: Promoting and capitalising on the best French solutions and projects, both nationally and internationally

Sharing the fundamentals and solutions for a sustainable and resilient territories, through dedicated actions and thanks to Sustainable City by France hub, with the aim of sharing best practices and promoting French expertise.

  • Developing the Sustainable City by France platform to transform it into a real showcase of French ambition in terms of sustainable cities and territories, supplied by professionals and gathering tools for local transitions.

    1. Promote a selection of transition demonstrator projects from all fields to inspire territories.
    2. Transform the portal into a real sustainable-city “hub”, a gateway to all related sites, training courses, tools, and events that may be relevant to professionals in the sector and local communities.
    3. Offer a reserved space to members to centralise information and documents relating to the life of the association and to animate the community dedicated to international activities (thematic discussion forum).

  • Participating with the Ministry of Ecological Transition, in order to promote international visibility, in the selection and promotion of outstanding sustainable and resilient city projects.
  • Organising the first Sustainable City by France delegation to Poland in 2022 as part of the French Presidency of the European Union and to support the promotion of the French vision and know-how of the sustainable city.
  • Participating in trade fairs and professional events in France and abroad.
  • Participating in welcoming foreign delegations, supporting the European and Foreign Office/Ministry for Environmental Transition and MEDEF International, by preparing communication materials and/or inviting members to take part in the development phase of visit itineraries
  • Contributing to the regular sharing of information on sustainable and resilient cities (events, training courses, reports, innovative solutions, etc.) in order to promote the coordination of public and private actors in France and internationally.
Sustainable City by France's new platform
French sustainable city professionals sign an ambitious partnership with Denmark in Dunkirk

Mission 4: Strengthening SCbF's cooperations and expanding its ecosystem

Redefining, strengthening and affirming the role of SCbF among the stakeholders of sustainable and resilient cities, and developing cooperation and joint actions within the association’s ecosystem:

  • Broadening the number and types of members in each of the bodies (State, companies, local authorities and experts).
  • Strengthening existing partnerships and joint actions with related associations (Ecomaires, Construction 21, etc.) and developing new ones (Comité 21, 4D, C40, Shift Project, Resilient Cities Network, etc.)
  • Extending the network of European and international partners in order to open up our members’ perspectives and establish the association’s visibility outside national borders.
The Sustainable City by France and French Impact partnership signed

Formée aux affaires internationales et européennes entre l’Angleterre et la France dans le cadre d’un double diplôme Sciences-Po Lille / Université du Kent, Marion a débuté sa carrière en plaidoyer et relations institutionnelles des organisations non gouvernementales, dans le secteur du commerce équitable (Label Max Havelaar France). Ses expériences sont aussi en lien avec les territoires, avec un passage en coopération décentralisée à l’échelle d’un conseil départemental.

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Issue des sciences sociales, de l’histoire de l’art et de l’architecture, après diverses expériences dans la gestion de projets culturels et la production audiovisuelle, Camille a travaillé dans la communication au sein du groupe VINCI : depuis les grands projets à l’international jusqu’à La Fabrique de la Cité, think tank dédié à la prospective urbaine

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Diplômée d’un master 2 en Economie du Développement à Panthéon-Sorbonne, et actuellement en formation alternance du Master 2 Relation Internationale et Action à l’Etranger dans la même Université, c’est à travers ces différents prismes et ses expériences à l’internationale qu’elle approche les problématiques de villes et territoires durables.

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Diplômée d’un Master en sociologie de la communication, Manon a travaillé précédemment pour Greenpeace, la Mairie de Paris (en particulier pour venir en aide aux étudiants), et le Ministère de la Transition Ecologique (DGALN – Mission Communication).

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Géographe de formation (Université d’Etat de Saint-Pétersbourg), elle a débuté au poste de géographe économiste à l’Académie d’Économie Agricole (Russie), avant de poursuivre sa carrière en France, en tant qu’assistante administrative et comptable (Air Liquide, Association TGV Provence Côte d’Azur, COFHUAT, Groupe Hervé)

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Avant de rejoindre l’équipe FVD, il a occupé plusieurs postes dans la gestion des collectivités  locales. Allant d’élu et adjoint au maire de sa ville natale Besançon, chargé des relations universitaires et de la coopération internationale puis Directeur du Développement économique de la Ville de Pantin, pour ensuite être directeur de cabinet à Montreuil où il a notamment piloté la refonte en profondeur du projet urbain vers davantage d’écologie et de développement durable, Il continue son parcours en tant que Haut Responsable de la Résilience de la Ville de Paris.

Il promeut une vision holistique et systémique du développement durable et apporte son expérience/expertise en résilience territoriale et en transition écologique et sociale.

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